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The profile of Western society is radically changing: concern about the scarcity of natural resources and their impacts on the planet, with aspects of good governance and respect for gender equality, diversity and inclusion, among other values, are on the radar of companies and the common people.

Transversal Management Mission

Through the ESG logic, we develop and implement responsible actions and solutions that generate a positive impact on society.

Transversal Management Vision

Maximize the generation of value with organizations and people committed to Social and Environmental Responsibility.

ìcone de uma escola

ESG in the field of education / Backdrop of our actions, we promote lectures that motivate and engage stakeholders, as well as projects that have a significant impact on organizational reputation.

ìcone de uma mão cuidando do planeta

ESG in the social sphere/ Dissemination and implementation of the culture of Corporate Social Responsibility through the involvement of interested parties, the internal and external public (stakeholders).

ìcone de uma folha de árvore

Environmental ESG/ Identification of aspects and impacts inherent to the production process, with the objective of enhancing business opportunities by maximizing positive impacts, mitigating negative ones.

ìcone de uma engrenagem

ESG within the scope of governance / Strengthening of organizational identity (face-to-face and digital) through management that ratifies its commitment to the present and future through the ESG agenda.

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Our guidelines are aligned with the ESG logic in the vision of ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

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