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ESG agenda pillars 

If your goal is to write a story whose legacy will be guided by significant environmental, social and good governance impacts, you are in the right place.

Our team has the necessary skills to present paths that incorporate the ESG agenda into your company's DNA, based on the following axes:


From the perspective of Transversal Management, it is quite clear that it is through education projects (non-formal education) that the desired objectives will be reached more quickly. In this sense, understanding that non-formal education is the entire educational process that takes place outside the institutional school environment, our strategies are numerous (lectures, special stakeholder engagement projects, projects involving the surrounding community, etc.) transversal within the ESG logic.


As for the governance axis, in the view of the Transversal Management team, we adopt business models that incorporate compliance practices and antitrust, privacy and data protection campaigns into the company's DNA, policies that encourage shareholder engagement, decisions that incorporate diversity, inclusion and equity, plus corporate and financial responsibility.



In the social perspective, within the ESG perspective, we interpret how the company manages its relationship with the different publics present in its production chain (stakeholders), especially with regard to the promotion of gender and racial equality, diversity and equal opportunities , work and consumer relations, relations with the surrounding community and training and education.



We understand as an environmental guideline in the ESG scope the healthy relationship between the company and the environment, specifically with regard to aspects and impacts in the production chain, such as: energy eco-efficiency, emission of gases into the atmosphere, solid waste management and optimization of use of water resources, education projects, environmental offsets and environmental compliance, among others.


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