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Our team


We are an advisory and services company focused on the adoption of good governance, solutions in corporate sustainability and social and local development with equity. In other words, on the principles of the ESG agenda!

With a multidisciplinary team formed in large schools and with experience in the different sectors of society (1st, 2nd and 3rd sectors), we have in our team – holder and reserve – excellent lawyers, administrators, educators, economists, journalists, geographers, biologists, assistants social workers, psychologists, designers and digital strategists, as well as different organizations committed to sustainability guidelines.

In this sense, a chat with our team is the certainty of another goal achieved in terms of commitment and positive impact on the reputation of your business.

Team of Stars

Leonardo Saboia de Azevedo

​Direção Executiva e


C. F.

Planejamento Estratégico,

​Governança e Qualidade


F. E. M.

​​Planejamento Energético e Ambiental


P. J.

​Planejamento e Inovação no Setor Público

 I. A.

Ciências Ambientais e Florestais

Gestão da Biodiversidade

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