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ESG Agenda: the commitment that the
society is charging

Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur or an established entrepreneur, keep in mind that commitments to environmental, social responsibility and business governance can no longer be ignored. ESG practices – an abbreviation of the English words Environmental, Social and Governance – will inevitably highlight companies that are willing to adopt them. There are companies that seek to reduce impacts on the environment and/or get involved with some social cause, but in some cases these are sporadic attitudes. More recently, large conglomerates have introduced a prevention program to identify, assess and avoid the risk of fraud and corruption – all this has to do with ESG standards, but its large-scale implementation in the corporate environment requires planning and management processes. that enchant, seduce and convince each employee of their purpose of building a fairer and more prosperous world for all.


The term ESG was first coined in a 2005 report by the United Nations, entitled “Who Cares Wins”, a document that won the adhesion of 20 financial institutions from nine different countries, including Brazil. The acronym ESG has been associated with the financial market since the beginning, as a synonym for asset management and securities brokerage services that aim to produce investments with more sustainable criteria and more beneficial results for society.


Acting against deforestation and global warming or presenting solutions to  greater energy efficiency – topics linked to the letter E; seeking to strengthen the relationship with its public through respect for human rights, diversity and  of attention to the community  – matters relating to the letter S; and, finally, adopting ethical corporate conduct and establishing solid relationships with governmental and political entities – responsibilities of the letter G  - the company that adopts the ESG standard, regardless of its size, is immediately included in the globalizing radar.


It is a challenging and rewarding path: the consumer/customer, increasingly aware of the intricate relationships between trade, politics and the ecological balance of our planet, recognizes the credibility of ESG's legitimate purposes and strengthens the reputation of those who practice them. , through loyalty to its products and/or services.

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